and my tiny Panzer

We decided we had to get a friend for Turkey and only a few short month later we found Panzer on Craigslist. When we met him he was the bounciest, sweetest little guy I had ever seen, there was no way we were going home without him. At first glance it may seem like Turkey doesn’t like him, with her silent snarl whenever he is in eyeshot but we know she secretly loves him because every Winter she snuggles up close to him when on the couch. Besides his constant pursuit of Turkey’s approval he loves beer and motorcycles, just like his dad. I must disclose that we never give Panzer beer, he is more of a beer thief, licking the top of your beer any time you are not looking. 

Meet Turkey

The best way to begin this blog is to introduce Turkey, my 3 year old Chihuahua mix, she is the reason I started photographing pets. Her goofiness, feistiness and general quirks inspired my shooting style. Turkey, aka Coco Chanel (her story will explain the name change) was found by a very good friend of ours, frostbitten with cuts and scrapes on Thanksgiving day 2014. We took her home that evening and even though we already felt like she was ours we had to find out if there was someone out there looking her. The next morning we found multiple Craigslist ads for her, she had been missing that whole last week and I don’t know if you remember but it had snowed a lot that year. Anyway long story short, it turned out she was being fostered for Dumb Friends League and we were able to keep her. It’s impossible to imagine life with out her now. 

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